Return to your peak rapidly

Using rapid response techniques my clients experience a rapid return to wellness,fitness and full strength. Many have said good bye to recurring injuries, nagging pain and debilitating posture which previously had limited their ability to play at their unique potential

International boxers and sports competitors, olympians, paralympians, runners, track and field stars, footballers at senior county level and sports participants at every level have experienced Rapid Results when they visit my clinics. READ MORE


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Do you have Recurring Pain , Stiffness, Injuries?
  • Play your game in comfort. Enjoy genuine flexibility, natural ease and your natural strength once again.
  • Play and work at full potential on and off the field.
  • Recover rapidly from injuries!
  • Knock weeks off your scheduled recovery time with my Rapid Response techniques.
  • Hamstrings restored!
  • Backs strengthened! Coordination improved!
  • Reading the game improved!
  • Touch your toes with comfort!
  • Lift, pass, throw, run, jump, swim, ride and score with more power accuracy and energy when your body mind and system are responding rapidly.
  • Be another satisfied client of the Rapid Response King!
  • Rapid Response sessions last 90 minutes.

Promise: If you don't experience a Rapid Response in 90 minutes you get the next session free! Rapid Response Clinics are held in 8 centres throughout Ireland. Sessions are confidential and do not involve machines, drugs or supplements. Rapid results are obtained by fully activating the healing power of your system to speed up recovery, relax and reset to full strength your muscles, groups of cells and whole body and brain coordination. Only Padraig King can give you the Rapid Response that has returned inter-county players, national competitors and thousands if others to work, play and enjoy life to the full.